Baxley Church of God

Youth and Christian Education Complex

We are please to announce the addition of a world class Youth and Christian Education Complex.
This building features a 200+ seat capacity Student Worship Center that will easily set the atmosphere for worship for our Students.  With technology that is second to none, this will be a cutting edge worship environment for generations to come!
Also included in this complex is a lounge/café/game room.  This very large room features restaurant style tables and chairs, six LED TV’s, Air Hockey Table, Ping Pong Table, and Pool Table.
This room also serves as a meeting place where you can grab a cup of coffee before Life Groups each Sunday Morning.
This building is also home to four of our Life Group classes each Sunday Morning.  Each of these classes have a 42 Inch LED TV so that the teachers can use media presentations with their lessons.  We also have the ability to send any feed to each TV in the complex.  This would be used in situations where overflow seating was needed.
Our Youth and Christian Education is complete with a full service kitchen with a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, griddle, and a flaked ice machine.
We are blessed with an incredible campus at Baxley Church of God.  Along with this brand new Youth and Christian Education Complex we have a 600+ seat capacity Worship Center, a 550+ seat capacity Fellowship Hall, Office Complex, and an incredible kid-friendly Kid’s Worship Center.